Case Studies

Business Design & Development

  • Maui Kuʻia Estate Chocolate LLC (MKEC) is a fully capitalized, for profit, privately held company located in Lahaina, Hawaiʻi.  MKEC is building a state-of-art, semi-automated, chocolate factory to process raw cacao sourced exclusively from a 50-acre cacao farm which was started in 2013 and located on leased Kamehameha Schools land in Lahaina, and from foreign single origin cacao from countries such as Ecuador.  The finished products will be a variety of high quality dark chocolate, dark milk chocolate, and flavored chocolates, designated as “Made in Maui,” and attentively packaged for the retail store, on-line store, Kuʻia Estate Club Corporate Partners, and Chef Professional sales. 
  • Island Innovation provided client consulting services to MKEC including:  (a) trusted advisor executive leadership, (b) business plan development, (c) production forecasting, (d) branding design and review, (e) human resource planning, (f) customer channel definition and planning, (g) website architecture and design, (h) public relations planning, (i) packaging design and market testing, (j) logistics and supply chain development, (j) marketing development and planning, (k) photovoltaic design, supply and demand modeling, (l) product promotion, (m) lease T&C analysis and review, and (n) factory operations and production modeling.


  • For a $10B scientific products manufacturing and distribution company, managed a 350-person team and a $440M P&L for a fire, safety, military, and industrial products division.  Delivered $1.8B in cumulative sales over four years.  In the first two years, grew revenue from $220M to $449M, operating income from $16M to $38M, and cash flow from $18M to $41M.

  • For a $2.5B portfolio leasing company, provided trusted advice and strategic guidance to the CEO to resolve a critical increased cost of capital crisis.

  • For a healthcare data privacy startup, served as the interim executive.  Led business development with Merck.

  • For a military program executive office, as part of a five-person team, managed $60B in Air Force and Navy military acquisition programs.  Led procurement award for a $7B, 900 aircraft joint Air Force and Navy program.

  • For a $950M paging company, led a 50-person, 24 x 7 order processing team.  Reduced backlog and call center issues.

Strategic Consulting

  • For a $4B food services company, planned a supply chain data warehouse project. $100M+ identified in incremental food rebates.

  • For two $2B computer companies, conducted merger and acquisition (M&A) planning focusing on the specific deal drivers including turns, account receivables (A/R), and customer retention.  Companies successfully merged and grew to $4B.

  • For an $8B industrial manufacturing company, developed and implemented a national integrated automotive aftermarket strategy.  Increased sales and cross strategic business unit focus.

  • For a $33B bank, designed a small business on-line strategy.  Improved customer retention, adoption, and acquisition.

  • For a $13.5B military aircraft company, developed a global disruptive strategic business and innovation plan to help drive growth and reduce cycle time.

  • For a privately held parking systems and airport gate control company, led market analysis for growth options, and development of a joint venture partnership with a European software services company.

  • For a regional economic development board, developed a membership growth strategy to leverage their underutilized domain asset providing local small and mid-size businesses international access to expand sales and brand awareness to customers globally.

Project Management

  • For a $10B hospitality company, established program management and project governance oversight.  A critical $34M enterprise project completed on time.

  • For a $2B computer reseller, transformed their national fulfillment center.  Reduced costs by 30% and sales, general, and administrative expense (SG&A) by 1% of revenue.

  • For a $1.3B public transit system, counseled business executives on their systems growth and project management strategy to ensure delivery of $250M in technology projects.

  • For an innovative antimicrobial venture backed company, led business development and technology licensing discussions with 40 companies.   Structured technology integration and product testing with New Balance, PPG, Rubbermaid, and Texwipe.

  • For a retail gift gallery that featured one of the largest selections of Hawaiian arts and crafts available, developed and implemented a complimentary online shopping, marketing, inventory management, customer acquisition and retention, social media driven, e-commerce sales growth strategy.

Application Development

  • For a $2B check printing company, started a product personalization technology business.  Served as the interim COO and President for the 120-person venture.

  • For a $14B consumer healthcare products company, developed an automated activity based cost system for 2000+ products.

  • For the Institute of Education Science (IES) in U.S. Department of Education, developed two educational program planning and evaluation apps for Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Palau, and Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

  • For an iOS app development company designed, launched, and commercilized numerous (40+) education, healthcare, and sports apps.  Conducted healthcare app R&D for concussion, dementia, fatigue, and neuropsychological conditions.

  • For a college of eduction, designed Improvement Science prototype iOS tools for use by education leaders throughout the Pacific Region for consulting, capacity building, training, collaboration, program design, evaluation, and management.

  • For a highly successfull, oceanside dining restaurant, developed an interactive, digital magazine for mobile devices featuring daily food and drink specials, food preparation videos with the chef/owner, interviews with key suppliers, articles from the chef, brand reinforcement, customer immersion and two-way access with social media.
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