R&D Apps

Island Innovation LLC through its predecessor company NSC Partners LLC successfully developed and tested early to market iOS iPhone and iPad healthcare applications starting in 2009.

Healthcare Research & Development (R&D)

  • 21-Item Neuropsychological Test  — An app that tests for exaggeration of existing problems or poor effort during the course of a neuropsychological examination.

  • Concussion Tracker™ — An R&D app to measure pre- and post- concussive cognitive performance.

  • Dementia Tracker — An R&D app to baseline and assess cognitive concentration, problem solving, and abstraction performance in dementia patients.

  • Resident Fatigue — An R&D app to baseline and assess fatigue in medical residents.

  • Tele-Wound Care — An R&D app to capture and transmit wound related medical information from patients to healthcare providers.

  • Patient Mobility — An R&D app to capture and baseline Parkinson’s patient mobility information.

  • Autism Speech Efficacy — An R&D project and app to assist parents and teachers with autistic student speech efficacy.
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