Island Innovation LLC is a verified Veteran Owned and HubZone Certified small business located in Hawai’i.  Island Innovation provides client services including strategic consulting, project management, application development, executive leadership, and product Research & Development (R&D).  Maui Ku’ia Estate® Chocolate and My Digital Voyage® are examples of on-going projects.

  • Maui Ku’ia Estate Chocolate LLC (Ku’ia Estate) is a fully capitalized, for profit, privately held company located in Lahaina, Hawai’i.  Ku’ia Estate is building a state-of-art, semi-automated, chocolate factory to process raw cacao sourced exclusively from a 50-acre cacao farm which was started in 2013 and located on leased Kamehameha Schools land in Lahaina, and from foreign single origin cacao from countries such as Ecuador.  The finished products will be a variety of high quality dark and milk chocolates, designated as “Made in Maui,” and attentively packaged for the retail store, on-line store, Estate Club private label, and Chef Professional sales.
  • Island Innovation is currently providing client consulting services to Ku’ia Estate including:  (a) trusted advisor executive leadership, (b) business plan development, (c) production forecasting, (d) branding design and review, (e) human resource planning, (f) customer channel definition and planning, (g) website architecture and design, (h) public relations planning, (i) packaging design and market testing, (j) logistics and supply chain development, (j) marketing development and planning, (k) photovoltaic design, supply and demand modeling, (l) product promotion, (m) lease T&C analysis and review, and (n) factory operations and production modeling.
  • Ku’ia Estate will be built starting around August 2017 on two undeveloped condominium units (Lahaina Aina Units 1 and 2, approximately 36,000 ft² located opposite Star Noodle in Lahaina, Hawaii.  The factory is scheduled to come online in September 2018.  During its initial full year of operation, the factory will produce nearly 44,000 pounds of finished chocolate.  Over time, the factory will scale up to 100,000 pounds annually.
  • In addition to the factory, Ku’ia Estate will host a second floor, covered open air event pavilion, a retail store featuring fresh made chocolate beverages and desserts, a factory viewing area for customers, and an independently operated commercial kitchen with an intimate 25-seat dining area for private events.  Ku’ia Estate will be powered by a localized 200 kW solar panel micro-grid supported by one megawatt-hour of backup batteries, and an industrial generator.
  • The Makana Aloha Foundation is a private Family Foundation dedicated to supporting and improving the Maui Community.  The Makana Aloha Foundation was established on April 12, 2007 by a husband and wife partnership of over 30 years. The Foundation was a natural progression from a life of generous giving on the mainland.  Makana Aloha has an endowment of approximately $7 million, and for the past 10-years, the foundation has donated approximately $250,000 annually to Maui community organizations and charities.  A complete list of recipients and specific projects is available on the foundation website (makanaalohafoundation.org).

  • My Digital Voyage® focuses on keeping our students safe by developing and commercializing seven animated adaptive apps for students to explore Internet safety, digital citizenship, and ethics.  My Digital Voyage is a research and development (R&D) project with team members from Island Innovation LLC and the Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG) of the College of Education at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (UH).
  • The project’s goal is to design a series of animated, adaptive computer applications for students in grades 4–5 to explore and learn about Internet safety, digital citizenship, and ethics. Within each application, students view an animated story and participate in interactive decision points that assist in the development of ethical decisionmaking, social-emotional learning, and positive citizenship skills. Teachers and parents have access to student-progress dashboards, and are supported with activity and discussion ideas in supplementary teaching guides. The applications are used on digital platforms and in a learning management system.
  • Concept Testing will include R&D for Online Social Networks & Etiquette (App 1), Strangers & Trust (App 2) and Cyberbullying & Bystanders (App 3).  Phase I will include R&D for Copyright & Piracy (App 4), Cyber Predation (App 5), and Rumors & Flaming (App 6).  Phase II will include R&D for Impersonation, Responsibility & Respect (App 7), apps for grades 1—3, and translation of apps 1—6 to another language (e.g., Spanish or Portuguese) for expanded domestic and international access.
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